Privacy Policy

Our customers are our strength, and we take stringent measures to protect their confidential information. We guarantee you that your financial and confidential details are safe with us. Our writing company never goes against ethical codes, which is why our clients completely trust our policies, and we strongly regard this.
Please go through the following clauses of Privacy Policy before placing an order with us.
Personal Details

You are required to give your personal data when you sign up for placing an order at our company’s website. You are required to give your name, phone number(s) and email address. This information is needed for contact purposes. This information is never sold to anyone under any condition.
Financial Details

Our payment system is quite secure and is protected heavily against hacker attacks or third party intrusion. Furthermore, our employees are also not allowed to view your personal details. Your financial details are deleted as soon as your payment has been made. It ensures that your financial details are quite safe with us.

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