Refund Policy

To satisfy our customers is our primary policy. However, if our customer is not satisfied with the content we provide they can always apply for a refund, this is the proof that how we deal our clients.
If you are not happy with our work and thinking to go for refund option, then you should go through the conditions of refund policy to avoid frustration in future. We make sure that our dealings with our clients are smooth.

  • You can apply for a refund if our team has not delivered you the assigned task on time and you were not notified of that delay.
  • We will not hold accountable if your order has been postponed due to problems at your end such as incomplete supporting documents, vague instructions, late payments or low internet connectivity issues.
  • If your order has been delayed, but you have accepted the content anyway then you are compensated for the extra time taken by our company, you are not going to get a full refund.
  • You are permitted to ask for a full refund if your content is inauthentic, plagiarized or contains errors. However, you have to present some substantial evidence to our Quality Assurance Department to validate your claim, and if you fail to do so, then you are not going to get the refund.
  • Once your assignment has been delivered, and you have utilized it then we are not to blame for low grades or any other losses you may incur.
  • Our clients are not allowed to bring any third party in our dealings if our clients are not satisfied with our work. Our clients should contact us directly rather than consulting the third party because it is going to be a futile exercise.
  • Our clients are not empowered to ask for frequent chargebacks, doing so will jeopardize our future dealings. These clients are not going to entertain in future under any circumstances.
  • If our client has been charged extra, then he/she will get that extra money back or store credit accordingly.